Wafer Check Valve Guide Clearance

Wafer Check Valve, or non-return valves, allow water or other material to flow in only one direction, and stop the material from flowing in the opposite direction. They are installed in pipe lines and do not require any activation from outside. Instead, they sense when the material in the pipes is beginning to move [...]

Swing Check Valve – Different Kinds of Check Valves

Swing Check Valve prevent the reversal of flow in plumbing systems. These valves achieve control over the direction of flow through the use of a control element. This element can take the form of a disc-shaped flapper, plunger or free-floating ball, depending on the type of valve. Most check valves are purely mechanical, but [...]

Test Dual Check Valve

Dual Check Valve prevent the back flow of liquid or gas. Sprinkler and irrigation pumps often use check valves to stop water from draining out of the pump body when not in use. If the water flows out, the pump may require priming before it will siphon water again. Check valves are also used [...]