Tools To Replace A Bellows Gate Globe Valve

The main cutoff valve for the water line entering most homes is a Bellows Gate Valve. These are simple valves with a swing handle type of control. When the handle is aligned with the pipe, the water is on. When the handle is perpendicular to the pipe, the water is off. While these valves [...]

The Way To Solder Lug Butterfly Gate Valves

A Slab Gate Valve is a low-tech solution for controlling the flow of fluids within pipes. It has been used for more than 100 years. A gate valve works by raising and lowering a gate into a seat with a screw mechanism to control the flow. One of the weaknesses of the gate valve [...]

Flow Characteristics of a Ball Valve

Valves are junctions in pipes and flow lines that control the flow of the fluid through the system. Some valves are designed to let fluids through at a specific pressure, while others are designed to let fluid through only when it reaches a certain temperature or volume. Some valves are manual and can be [...]