Faulty Check Valve Sometimes Cheats You, Sometimes Gas Stations

Meet the faulty check valve, a little gremlin that lives inside the gas pump. It could be pilfering your pennies. Or it could be pilfering the gas station’s. It really doesn’t care. According to an AP article, a faulty check valve inside a gas pump is difficult to diagnose and often goes ignored. The pricing [...]

Abahsain Group begins Dammam plant work

Saudi-based Abahsain Group said it has started work on a mechanical seal and valve plant in Dammam. The project is a joint-venture project with US-based Flowserve Corp and includes the manufacturing of control valves, ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and electric and pneumatic actuators for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power and water industries. [...]

Butterfly Valve Ranges for Application in Life Sciences

Life Science

Sterilizability, high purity, no dead spaces are just some of the requirements to be met in the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology and life science sectors.

To meet them, valves that are made of highly alloyed metals and high grade sealing materials are needed. Diaphragm valves, special ball valves and PTFE [...]

Types of valve

Valves are quite diverse and may be classified into a number of basic types. Valves may also be classified by how they are actuated:

Hydraulic Pneumatic Manual Solenoid Motor Basic types

All valves can be categorized into the following basic types:

Ball valve, for on/off control without pressure drop. Butterfly valve, for flow regulation in [...]

Routine maintenance of the valve

1, The valve should be kept dry and well ventilated and be blocked at  both ends.

2, the valve with long-term storage should be regularly checked to  remove dirt, and smear anti-rust oil on the processing surface.

3,  It should be regularly checked after installation,, the main test  items are :

(1) wear of sealing [...]

The new standard of Machinery industry promote the development of China ‘s Valve Industry

According  to  China’s  “Eleventh Five-year”  development  plan, China’s  valve  business, in  particular,  focused  on water services and construction   markets,  there are still differences compared with the international advanced enterprises  in energy-saving, environmental  protection, security, sustainable  development  strategies. Mainly reflected in: China’s  enterprises  are small, low skill level, weak  brand  relatively  competitiveness. These issues, if not [...]

What About Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve which also called flap valve,is a simple structure of the control valve and it also can be used for low-pressure pipe switch control media. In twenty century thirty years butterfly valve was birthed in USA and then in fifty years it came across to the Japan, but in China it was popular after [...]